Marital Standard of Living Calculator

Below is the google sheet you can use to do your own calculation.

This is based on James Cox method which you can read up on a lot more on here

If you are like me and gotten a suggested permanent spousal support number that is out of the world from a fairy tail wishlist and hence wonder, what is really a fair approach? Wonder if you should get an expert report for marital standard of living?

Below is a calculator that should get you close to what you would get from an expert “forensic accountant CPA”. (Happy to recommend the one I used)

I hope it helps you to make important decisions.

I highly recommend this for calculating the permanent spousal support as it gives you a good Idea where you “SHOULD” land. Apparently, not many people, Lawyers, even Judges are not very familiar with this and therefore people often use the Dissomaster for calculating the permanent spousal support which of course is a disaster. It is not exactly fair, nor should that be considered as permanent spousal support.

The below Calculator is an example for only the marital standard of living for the 2 adults in a household. It does not add what minor children would need. You would have to do that seperate.