Online California Alimony Calculator

The Marital Standard of Living calculator on our site can help you figure out a realistic ballpark figure. It will not replace a professional calculation, but helps you to understand what goes into the calculation and also will help you to make an informed decision whether it is worth to hire an expert CPA or not.

The calculator is more geared towards permanent spousal support or permanent alimony calculations. For temporary spousal support usually the Dissomaster is being used. It is based on a very simple formula to really help the divorcing family to “keep” going. It is likely not fair, but time is of essence in those situations, specially if there is kids involved. From that perspective it does make sense to rapidly and roughly have a number. Remember it is “temporary”!

With that said it may become clear that it is beneficial to rapidly go through the divorce and settle.

Find our MSOL calculator and explanations here.

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